V. Polo was born in Barcelona (Spain) in June 1995. He studied desktop publishing and advertising graphics at Elisava and fashion styling and art direction at IDEP (Escuela Superior de Imagen y Diseño), both in Barcelona. He has a degree in Graphic Design and postgraduate degree in documentary photography, journalism and reportage also at IDEP.

D. Ruiz was born in Barcelona (Spain) in November 1964.  He studied photography and cinema at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and at the CECC (Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya). He is a playwright (winner of the 1999 Caja España Prize) and some of his plays have been performed professionally in different countries. He has held photography exhibitions in Barcelona and Sitges, and some of his works have appeared in the press and in specialised magazines.




Polo and I met at a conference I gave at a cultural centre in Barcelona, our city.

He was attending, together with a friend, and I noticed that he was attentively following everything I was explaining, so that, as happens on many occasions, I was guided by him as a "thermometer" to gauge the interest that could be generated by what I was saying. At the end they approached me, I was with my wife and other friends, and we began to talk.

At one point Polo said to me, very spontaneously, "You and I must have been great friends in another life".

Have you ever had the sudden feeling that you've known someone you've just met for the first time for a long time?

Well, that happened to us, and thirty years apart in age. It took us a while to bond, but through trial and error, which is my way in life, we ended up finding the artistic path to follow.

Polo was and is a professional graphic designer and he painted and drew profusely and with great originality, which made me ask him about the possibility of collaborating together, as I had always been interested in photography -at that time I had already had an exhibition, and some of my work had appeared in the national press and in a specialised digital magazine-, and that would end up being Ruiz&Polo, our roots as creators of digital art.

All this started in 2020, today it is a reality that moves and excites us.

Polo and I, together with our respective partners, have become a small family, along with other friends who feel a close interest in the world of art and culture.




Barcelona (S)