Ruiz&Polo Digital Art - Barcelona (Spain)
I Want To Be A Babysitter
I Want To Be A Babysitter

I Want To Be A Babysitter


This Digital Art brings with it a serene and calming ambiance to any room. This can also be the centerpiece of a classical or vintage interior design, an artwork that’s simple, reliable, and with perfect symmetry.

This work has a limited series of 22 copies among all the available sizes. Each unit is signed by the authors and has a certificate of authenticity.

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Damage Insurance
  • Luxurious museum quality print
  • Spray Varnished
  • Laminated on 1.5cm wide wood


  • S: 56 x 68,15 cm
  • M: 108 x 131,43 cm
  • L:170 x 206,87 cm

About Our Arts

Each of our arts has amazing unique design, highest quality print which is generated in one of the best print art workshops in spain, sealed with spray varnish and laminated on 1.5 cm wide wood. To maintain this consistency, all posters are printed upon order. After which it undergoes a meticulous manual checking. We do this so that it arrives to you in flawless condition, ready to be displayed in any wall space.