There is no new wave, only the sea






Art has lived with generations and continued to thrive even to this day. Art was there when nothing else was, because after all being subjected to beauty and a sense of self is art in itself.

We as humans have developed a consciousness of art; we just cannot seem to ignore it. We find it in plants, animals, in ourselves and others. It is impossible to contradict the pull we have towards it; everyone is either fascinated by art or at least involved in it. More of less, art never leaves our souls and we find it difficult to part ourselves from it, no matter the form.

However, being involved does not entail that it is widely appreciated. While some of us have come in terms with the beauty and colours it brings to our world others more often have belittled time and again. It is no surprise that people have never missed an opportunity to disparage its worth. Whether it was questioning the form of it, the medium, the artist or the prices art has been through it all.

It makes the ones who do cherish it aesthetes considering how insufficient and rare these people are, it wouldn’t be exaggeration if one called them special. Loving art without any restraints of society truly is a distinct quality. For people like these, we bring a part of our souls and hearts.

Ruiz&Polo is a place for you to find what feels the most homely to you. For you to find that fibre of our soul that speaks the most to you. In any case, we offer diversity in contemporary art, a blend of photography and painting, digital art from emerging artists. We believe if art can survive through differences of eras and still continue to peak, so can we.

As a matter of fact, we focus on the art that lives in the moment like contemporary art; it is as diverse as the people of the world. The art that strives with the tick of the clock and the life of an artist, we believe people still are able to appreciate it. While that point stands, art has been stripped down of its worth numerous of times by being discarded as a profession relentlessly or if not that being labelled
overvalued hasn’t yet ceased. Art is none of those things and we here at Ruiz&Polo stand by that. We believe art is human emotion that takes birth in the heart of a pursuer and is projected to life by hands for a skilled eye to see. Leo Tolstoy says in his book, what is Art?

“To evoke in oneself a feeling one has once experienced, and having evoked it in oneself, then by means of movements, lines, colours, sounds, or forms expressed in words, so to transmit that feeling that others may experience the same feeling – this is the activity of art.”

We set our art free like blood in our veins; you’ll find the raw wilderness and honesty of our passion run through you like a wave of familiarity when you see our pieces adding a sense of home to your house or offices. You will find that living with art that represents you and the society you engage with does leave
a positive impact on you.

Emerging artists and decorative arts have always piqued the interest of interior designers; the innovative ways to use these artifacts to customize your space are endless. It leaves a trace of your being and an impression of awareness over an outsider. It makes the host appear chic and up to date and with our diverse collection it is left to no doubt that you’ll witness that conveying yourself can be
done in the best ways possible.

With our unique, one of a kind art pieces we do not merely aim to please. Our hopes lie in the presentation of contemporary art through angles that live lives of miscellany. To present art as art to a purchaser who would later make a statement with it in their own manner is our manifesto. To provide with a wide range of our fervent passion in a physical form to those who appreciate tenderness is what
Ruiz&Polo offers you. Our art is distinguished by its modern appeal with highlights of a vintage touch.

Although art has suffered criticism it keeps flourishing due to those who strive to express themselves and refuse to be dimmed by the unimaginative and uninspired surroundings, and these are the ones who truly stand out. At Ruiz&Polo’s, living in the shadows is not an option instead we offer an
opportunity to you to flaunt your true self through what interests you, to leave a mark of your person wherever you want.

We are devoted to idolise your world instead of a new world. As long as your interests lie in expression of oneself through contemporary art, we never disappoint.











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