Our works




The work we do starts from a first idea of what we want to capture. We started to make painted sketches and working with digital photography, we did many tests evaluating countless options. We end up defining the project that will be digitized, based on drawing, painting and the photographic image. All this requires previous work which is the work that we are going to carry out until we reach an agreement and, later, after numerous tests, obtain the desired result. Our works are printed on the highest quality paper and laminated on wood. They are unique works, that is, there are no copies, something that we certify with each purchase. On the sheet there is an embossed seal with our emblem as a signature. All works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and unique work. Through our works we intend to express an ironic vision of life, positive, sophisticated and simple at the same time. We want to capture the joy of living beyond the individual or social circumstances that surround us, even with a certain point of distance. We claim that by contemplating a “ ruiz&polo”, there is an impression of lightness, a feeling of happiness and a perception of existence as role play where each one develops their own character.











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