Cats for Loners







Cats for Loners was made in Madrid (Spain), all the photographs that appear belong to buildings in this city, for example the Royal Palace or those located in the Plaza de Santa Ana such as the Hotel Me. The people of Madrid are called “gatos” (cats) and there are many theories about the origin of this name but the one we like the most is the one that refers to the fact that in this capital it is so hot during the summer months and the social life is so abundant, its citizens go out when the temperatures are bearable which means that on many days, especially in August, it is already night time, like the cats. There is a small nod to the director from La Mancha, Pedro Almodóvar, one of the creators of the so-called "movida madrileña" which turned this city into a model of dynamism in the 80s of the last century. And we appeal to the “loners” because Madrid is probably one of the cities in the world where it is most difficult to feel lonely.









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