Artistic manifesto






Ruiz & Polo is the artistic union between V.Polo and D.Ruiz; a project that’s designed to stay and destined to last. The mutual commitment to personal and artistic loyalty leads to the ongoing creation and evolution of our work. Although we have started with digital art pieces (a combination of photography and painting), we are likely to venture into other visual territories in the not too distant future.

We strive to offer a playful but critical view of contemporary reality, not necessarily from one single perspective, but from various angles that give the viewer permission to contribute their own perspective. Our aim is to establish certain intuitive, rather than logical, complicities between those who want to take an unprejudiced approach to our work, and this can be done by playing with the work’s ambiguity. We know that art also serves to awaken aspects that nest in the “shadow” (Carl G. Jung’s concept) of those who contemplate it and we try to create an aesthetic and dreamlike dimension with recognizable elements.

Our desire is to be part of the lives of each person with a free and strong individuality, and to invite them to cultivate that particular aspect of their nature. A freedom and strength not devoid of empathy or solidarity but far from clichés, platitudes and ineffective sentimentalism.

Warhol, Pollock, Hockney, Picasso, Tàpies, Miró, Poons, Matisse …  belong to the list of artists we respect and admire, as well as many others whose bios and works inspired us to model our project in this irrational way. We strive to achieve a radically contemporary vision of what is happening in the contemporary individual, in the subject that moves between conflict and aspiration and typically belongs to societies whose collective identity is diminishing rapidly. Our partnership started in 2020 even though we both have, despite the age difference, creative careers in different fields.

We are committed to the project and to anyone who chooses to purchase any of our work.



Ruiz & Polo Barcelona, November, 2020






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