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Like fashion, art is an ever-evolving industry that has transcended the physical space to the virtual. You’re probably thinking of getting a beautiful piece right now.

If you’re not well acquainted with the art world, buying your first piece of art can be quite tricky. Are you thinking of getting an artwork? Ruiz & Polo offers the best curated contemporary arts. We’ve curated a list that will guide you through your purchasing decision. Let’s dive in!

1. Find out what you like

The more knowledge you have about artworks, the more pieces of art you’ll likely have. Open yourself to a world of art by taking virtual tours of online galleries, museums, attend exhibitions and art fairs. 

Take part in e-auctions, follow famous artists on social media platforms, talk to collectors and acquaint yourself with different periods, eras, and styles. The internet is the best platform to discover your taste and artists you never knew existed. Gradually, you’ll evolve from knowing so little to having a vast knowledge of art collections.

2. Know what you want to buy

Consider the why and what you want to buy before making a purchasing decision. If you’ve been to several art fairs, you’re more likely to purchase artworks in a frenzy. 

Are you buying a piece because you love it? Check if it’s affordable and worth the price and passion. If you’re buying online, scroll through the art galleries, review the pieces of art and think about the long-term value. 

Do you intend to get a painting for your living space? Measure the available space.

3. Set a budget

Buying artworks can be likened to a love at first sight affair. While you might want to acquire the piece instantly, you must set a budget to prevent impulsive buying. 

Though you’re on a budget, that shouldn’t deprive you of the privilege of owning a beautiful and original piece of art. 

From photographs to drawings and sketches, you can purchase lots of arts without having to break the bank. When preparing your budget, put shipping and insurance into consideration, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying a lovely piece. Like the popular catchphrase, life is too short for you not to own some beautiful artworks.

4. Conduct your research

You might be confused about the right piece of art to get. Please do your research on artists, study their backgrounds, know their story and source of inspiration. Check what their artistic process is like and works they’ve done in the past.

Carrying out some research can spark intimacy between the artist and his work, adding some beauty to your living space. 

Endeavor to study the works of these artists so you’ll have a better understanding of these curators. You can’t tell when you’ll add other pieces to the collection.

To aid your choice of artwork, speak with collectors and gallerists. Galleries seldom offer collectors discounts as a reward for being loyal or for nurturing a  relationship with new collectors. Maximize this opportunity.

5. Consider the size

Ensure the piece of art suits your home before buying it. Countless times, people see an artwork, fall in love with it and bring it home, not knowing that it doesn’t fit their home. Also, consider the available space. Think about the artwork that will fit the home.

6. Think about your interior decor

Art is indeed a great way to add color and elegance to your living space. You’ll need to pay attention to the interior decor while looking to buy an artwork. 

A bold graphic print will complement a dull, neutral room. Likewise, the brightly colored decor will blend with a neutral art. 

Though it’s ideal for your art to match your home’s decor, it’s not necessarily a must. If you love a piece of art, go for it regardless of whether it blends with your interior or not.

7. Monitor your purchase

There should be a transaction deal (document) binding both artist and client. From emails to invoices and receipts, make sure the purchase is documented. If you want to sell a work later, this document will come in handy.

There’s no one-rule thumb for choosing great artworks, just helpful tips. In picking your first piece of art, ensure you research, explore online galleries, visit museums and art fairs. 

The above-listed tips will help you in acquiring new works. Adopt them!











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